Dermot was feeling the physical effects of 42 years in the workforce in labour intensive work, and wanted to transition into a relatively easier profession. What was once an idea, turned into a passion for sharing, helping others and teaching. He soon realised that by writing his unusual story and learning very quickly all the nuances of publishing, that he could soon transition quicker into less physical work. Like all great ideas there is also a lot of hard work and long hours to be put in, and this is where Dermot’s insatiable appetite came into play. He gave his all to realise his dream, so publishing his first book “WEIRD” A Reality That Words Can’t Explain. He soon realised that he had more to say, so he got to work on his next book whilst helping David to put together his website with ideas and information. Again Dermot wasn’t finished there as he was already setting up the legal stuff up behind the scenes, contacting bookstores, organising an online outlet and Book launch. It didn’t stop there either as Dermot was looking for ways to promote his business and books at the same time.

This is where the blog, facebook page and twitter came in. So as you can see Dermot was on a roll and just went with the flow. At present Dermot is a one man operation but he has soon networked enough contacts to help others go through the whole publishing process. If Dermot can’t help you directly, he can put you in front of someone who can. So why wouldn’t you take the plunge and get stuck in as well?