About us

 Who Is Matbre Publishing?

Welcome to Matbre Publishing, we are here to help you bring your ideas into print, so that you can realise your dream. Our philosophy that “One person Can make a difference, so make it you” is what sets us apart from everyone else. Maybe you wish to do your family history, for future generations to appreciate. You may wish to record special moments in time and the history of your sports club. You could very well be the next writer that inspires another generation. Whatever your project, let us help you get it ready for publishing. It is the least we can do to help our fellow writers, historians or creative people of all ages.

Matbre Publishing started in February of 2017 when Dermot Kelly the founder, was talking with his publisher at the time Green Hills Publishing in Port Adelaide. Dermot had to register a business name so that he could sell his book overseas with Amazon.com and Lightening Source. Of course he needed an ABN number as well, so after discussion with David at Green Hills, Dermot felt that that it was now or never. Take the plunge and make a difference which reflects our philosophy.

“One person Can make a difference, so make it you”